Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IUOMA membershipcard 2011

First tests with new Membership cards are being done. First one went to Litsa Spathi (Netherlands). Second one to Val Mark Herman (France), and some more are sent out as surprises to IUOMA-members worldwide. Since there are now 1426 members in the IUOMA it will become impossible to just send everybody a card. So We will see how to deal with that.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Orange IUOMA-member sticker

In the end of the 90-ies I produced 10,000 orange stickers with on it "IUOMA-member". I used them on my outgoing mail-art then and also distributed the stickers to other mail-artists to use. On some historic Mail-Art which I show here you can find out how that looked, and off course what kind of Mail-Art went out in those years

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Carlo Pittore as IUOMA member

Carlo Pittore also participated in the IUOMA and wrote a letter to the union in 1990. It was documenten it the first IUOMA magazine that came out in June 1991.

Logo used in IUOMA-Shop

This logo was especially designed for items to be sold in the IUOMA-Shop located on the URL: The little extra's the webshop brings will be used to send out free IUOMA-gadget into the network.

IUOMA mail to Sweden

Mail to Ingrid Engaras (Sweden) that I discovered again on an archive on Facebook.

Logo by Arttower - Germany

Arttower (Germany) made this logo / collage and uses it on his mail-art and digital communication. He even made artistamp sheets out of them.

Logo by Lon Spiegelman - USA

For the artstrike years (1990-1993) Lon Spiegelman designed this IUOMA-logo. Published in the IUOMA-magazine June 1991.

Logo by Lon Spiegelman - USA

In 1990 Lon Spiegelman designed several logos for the IUOMA in this round shape. The year 2000 was then yet far away.

Logo by Piermario Ciani - Italy

A second variation designed by Piermario Ciani (Italy), this time with the (old) Tilburg address. Again published in the IUOMA-magazine back in 1991.

Logo by Piermario Ciani - Italy

Piermario Ciani designed in 1990 this logo for the IUOMA. Later he asked me to use the logo for other uses as well. The envelope with arrows is spread quite well. Piermario Ciani sadly enough years ago already. he was a gread designer and artist.

The photo above is from the IUOMA-magazine that was published in June 1991.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Some logo's are used to print on products that are available at the IUOMA shop, located at:
. Some samples of items for sale are shown above.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Artistamp by Heleen - Netherlands

Two variations on IUOMA logo

These are two variations on the logo. This time with the Earth inside.

Chart documenting IUOMA

This chart was made by Ruud Janssen in August 2010 - Athens , Greece.

IUOMA Membershipcards - 2009

In 2009 a set of 7 different Membership cards were produced and sent to IUOMA-members. Not everybody got one since it became impossible to afford the sending of almost thousand of cards. In the cards some older and new logo's were used a background. Some cards were printed in colour, some on thick coloured paper. Cards produced by Ruud Janssen

IUOMA Logo by Ruud Janssen (Neherlands)

Two Rubberstamps for the IUOMA

Two simple but effective rubberstamps designed by Ruud Janssen and used on documents and outgoing mail-art.

Logo by a student from Mediadesign College - Breda

Above you see one of the logo's made by a mediadesign student from the Radius College. After a brainstorm of possible logo's I made the drawings below which she had to work out in a graphic design program. The result is used for some publications for the IUOMA.

Design by Ruud Janssen (2009)

Red IUOMA vinyl sticker by Ruud Janssen

In 1991 I tranferred a digital logo I made into a red vinyl sticket which was silkscreen printed in an edition of 5000. These stickers were sent with the first IUOMA-magazine into the nework. This sticker returned from Rosa Biagi in 2010. She saved it all that time and returned it by mail. Now it is documented for the future.

Tatoos designed by Kiyotei - USA

Logo by Tine Vercruysse (Belgium)

Graphic logo for IUOMA designed by Tine Vercruysse (Belgium).

Membershipcard by Sean Woodward

Membership card designed by Sean Woodward (UK)

Stampsheet by Wacky Stuff - Canada

a wonderful Artstamp sheet made out of designs by Wackystuff in Canada

Logo by Jonas Nekrasius - Lithouania

Logos IUOMA for NING Platform

Since 2008 IUOMA has its own social network on Ning. Currently about 1400 members are active there (November 2010). To celebrate the first (700 members) and 2nd year (1400 members) these logo's were designed by Ruud Janssen to make groups to celebrate the aniversary. See also:

Eraser carved logo by Litsa Spathi - Germany

Original Logo designed and carved by Litsa Spathi (Germany). She donated the original eraser carved block to the TAM Rubberstamp Archive.

IUOMA Magazine (1991)

Front and Back cover of the first IUOMA-magazine of the IUOMA. published in 1991 in an edition of 150 magazines.

IUOMA rubberstamp by Bill Porter (USA)

This stamp "Licensed IUOMA" was made by Bill Porter - USA.