Sunday, December 12, 2010

Logo used in IUOMA-Shop

This logo was especially designed for items to be sold in the IUOMA-Shop located on the URL: The little extra's the webshop brings will be used to send out free IUOMA-gadget into the network.


jfchrisvi said...

Hello! Can I use your logo on my MA?
Thank you.

Ruud Janssen said...

sure you can. When you design your own logo for the IUOMA, please let me know. I collect all creativity arround IUOMA for a publication that is planned for the 25 year celebration.

jfchrisvi said...

Thank you!
When is the celebration? I don't know if I will be ready but I want to try. I just begin in Mail-ARt and very soon all over in the world with IUOMA. I really love this FREE way of communication and exchange. IUOMA is nice for that.
If you want, I would like to send you something...Did you give M-A Calls or...want to Be Surprised?
Finally, I can give you my e-mail:
and my "baby"blog (international page)
Thanks again!
Jean-François Vigeon from France

jfchrisvi said...

Hello (2)
Sorry I made a mistake on my last e-mail. You must read :
It isn't .fr
Thank you for all!
Jean-François Vigeon