Saturday, November 10, 2012

Historic IUOMA photos

With the year 2013 coming closer I have been digging into the historic archives of the IUOMA to document some details of the past. The logo above is quite known in the mail-art network. In 1990 it was designed by Piermario Ciani (Italy) for the IUOMA and has been used ever since.

Lon Spiegelman (USA) designes also some logos for the IUOMA. His favorite round logos are also wellknow. He made them for several mail-artists and organisations.  I even made a rubberstamp of one of the logos (leaving out the year) which is still used.

In the ART-STRIKE years the IUOMA also took its position and declared against it. The formal statement from the archives now located in Breda, Netherlands.

The list of people with special functions inside the IUOMA as published in the first IUOMA magazine in 1991.